Weekend Grocery Shopping

25 Mar

Another Monday is here. I’m ready for this week to fly by because I have exciting things to do this weekend. Friday I will be heading home to spend the holiday weekend with my family. I am ready to relax and, if the weather permits, soak up some sun by the pool!

This weekend was filled with the usual yoga, run, errands, and homework. Before heading to the grocery store on Saturday I realized just how pathetic our fridge looks at the end of the week before we replenish it. Here’s the before:



It’s slim pickings for food around here on Fridays and Saturdays. We are pretty good with buying only what we need at Publix. Neither of us are big snackers. This makes grocery shopping a little less of an ordeal. As much as I love food and the grocery store Publix, I really dislike the act of grocery shopping. Grocery shopping on the weekends is the worse. The aisles just seem more crowded on the weekend. I was lucky I hit up the local Publix after yoga on Saturday, so I was nice and relaxed. After shopping the fridge looked a little more inviting. 



I am a new Almond Milk fan. I had previously tried it about a year ago but wasn’t wowed. A couple weeks ago I gave the Silk Pure Almond another try and I’m officially hooked. Both of the unsweetened versions are delicious, although I think I prefer the vanilla flavored variety. The Silk Pure Almond is the perfect add-in to oatmeal and my protein shakes and smoothies. Give it a try!


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