Chili when it’s Chilly

28 Mar

It has been abnormally cold for this time of year here in Gainesville. And when it’s this cold there is only one thing I want to eat… soups. Soups, stews, and chowders are the perfect way to warm up after a chilly day. Last night Mike made us some chili. He has named the recipe “Chili by Michael” because for some reason he always ends up being the chef on chili nights. We make our chili with ground turkey and turkey bacon, but of course ground beef and pork bacon could be subbed. The perfect accompaniment to the chili was a cheddar jalapeno baguette I picked up from a local bakery, The Flour Pot Bakery. A simple and delicious meal to warm our bellies on a cold night.


Yesterday I was able to fit in an afternoon yoga class and I was so happy. Due to the holiday weekend coming up I had to switch up the order of my workouts this week. On Tuesday I worked out my legs, which I usually save for Fridays, and they have ben sore sore sore ever since! Yesterday’s yoga helped me to focus on stretching and lenghtening my muscles. Stretching is something I often speed through after my workouts and I need to work on this. I always feel better after taking time to focus on each muscle group and to let my body cool down. Talking about workouts, last night I got my email with my first round  of workouts for the Best Body Bootcamp. All the workouts are completely different from what I have been doning in the gym lately. I’m ready to try some new things and shock my muscles with the switch up!

The school week has flown by and I couldn’t be more excited. This evening when I get out of class I will be heading home to Ocala to spend the weekend with my family. My mom has already sent me a picture of some cookies that she made for me and my sister to enjoy. Calories don’t count when your at home, right?!



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