Crunch Time

6 Apr

The school semester has flown by and now it seems like everything is happening at once. Group projects, volunteer hours, and homework are keeping me extremely busy. This past week was a speedy one, partly due to the midweek trip back to Ocala to visit some family that was in town. I am starting to feel like I could make the drive to Ocala with my eyes closed, but I don’t think I’ll be trying that any time soon. 

Yesterday I closed out the week with some school work and a trip to the gym to complete my third workout of bootcamp. Yesterday’s workout focused on unilateral training and it kicked my butt! Most of the exercises were basic, but they focused on one side of the body by adding a leg lift to the move. It was in every way a total body workout and I am feeling it today. After I was done lifting I hit the treadmill with some interval work in mind. The run ended up looking like this.



The speeds can be changed to your fitness level. I chose a comfortable walking speed, my standard light run speed, and a sprint speed that challenged me. The run flew by and I felt accomplished afterward.

Last night, Mike and I caught up on some of our favorite shows from the week. We love Chicago Fire, but I can never stay up during the week to watch all of it. And of course this guy had to snuggle up right inbetween us. 



He loves this blanket. Any time I get it out of the closet he will come and steal it from me. And of course I let him, because he is so stinkin’ cute. 


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