Satisfying Meals

9 Apr

Yesterday was another Meatless Monday. On the menu for dinner was black bean veggie burgers and brown rice topped with fresh cilantro. This meal gets rave reviews around this house. While it doesn’t taste like you are eating a nice, big, juicy burger these black bean burgers leave you full and satisfied.


Today I fit in a run on the treadmill before heading to class. The run came easily to me and I felt great afterwards. I started the run by walking the first two minutes for about a tenth of a mile. So I ended up running 2.4 miles straight through in 22:46 for a 9:30 mile pace.


I have to say I was pleased with that! I have been very hesitant with running without taking breaks ever since I’ve come back from my hip injury. I don’t want to over do it, but I just listened to my body. I was feeling good so I kept going today. I hope to keep slowly increasing my mileage.

Tomorrow I’ve got some volunteering planned for the morning and then I plan to head to the gym to knock out my second workout of the week with Best Body Bootcamp. We are already into the second week of workouts and I’m loving every second of it. I can already tell that my body is getting stronger and more stable. Workouts thus far have been focused on balance, stability, and unilateral training. I had never thought to concentrate workouts on one side of the body at a time before and I am liking the challenge!


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