The Good Things in Life

14 Apr

This weekend was a great one. Here’s a little recap of all the good things in life that were appreciated these past couple of days. 

  1. Having fresh flowers in the apartment. My mom came up to hang out for the day yesterday and she bought me these beautiful sunflowers. There is something about having fresh flowers around. They can just brighten up any room. Image
  2. Hanging out with family. Like I said, my mom came into town yesterday and we had a blast while going to the mall, a few little shops, lunching at The Flour Pot, and then heading to Trader Joe’s. I love living close enough to my family where I am able to see them often. 
  3. Date Nights. Last night Mike and I headed to Limerock Road in Haile Plantation and had a delicious dinner. We were both in the mood for burgers. I went for a burger topped with smoked gouda, BBQ sauce, and an onion ring. Mike’s burger had buffalo sauce, blue cheese, and carrot slaw on top. We both decided this restaurant would be a repeat. 
  4. Fresh baked goods. Yesterday while I was at the grocery store I was having a serious hankering for some muffins so I decided to buy a muffin mix. This morning when I woke up I knew there was only one thing I wanted to eat for breakfast… those blueberry muffins. So I got to work. I made the muffins a little healthier by subbing applesauce for the vegetable oil, almond milk for the milk, and eggbeaters for the eggs. And they were still delicious, especially paired with a cup of hot coffee. I also snacked on some juicy Florida strawberries while I baked, which made the whole process worthwhile.Image

The best part about the weekend is that it is not yet over. I plan to hit the gym in a little bit since I took the day off yesterday. And then I have some homework and relaxation occuring in the near future. 


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