17 Apr

Yesterday I headed to campus early to run some stadiums before class. Good idea and bad idea…Bad idea because the temperature was probably pushing close to 90 degrees yesterday and I was one hot, sweaty mess while I sat through my first class (apologies to my classmates). But running stadiums always ends up being a good idea because I feel like I got a great workout in after the fact. It’s a good switch up from just regular running. After my first class of the afternoon I headed to the gym to get my workout from Best Body Bootcamp in. Once again I became a sweaty mess. I guess that’s the price I have to pay…

Last night I finished up a big project for school. It feels so good to know that it is done. I turn that baby in tomorrow and I can’t wait to have it off my hands. In the past few days I have wrapped up a lot of projects for school and now all I have left to do is to study for a couple of finals that are approaching in two weeks. 

Today started as usual. I attempted to enjoy a cup of coffee, but this guys hand other plans in mind.



Someone was ready to go for his morning walk. It cracks me up when he acts like nobody ever pays any attention to him. This pathetic little (big) pooch is spoiled rotten. After our walk I headed to the gym to do some back exercises before taking a yoga class. For some reason my schedule has been all jumbled the past couple of weeks and I haven’t been able to make it to yoga, but that all changed today. It was great to take an hour out of my day to focus on breathing and stretching, but still getting that heart rate up!

When I got home I had food on my mind. I heated up a black bean burger patty, some edamame, and corn, threw it all into a bowl and topped it with salsa. The end result was delicious. 



As for the rest of the day, I plan to start studying for finals and hopefully finish a book that I’ve been reading.


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