Crow Pose Domination

24 Apr

I finally held crow today in yoga! I was so excited. When I came out of the pose I wanted to scream “Woooo,” but I had to refrain. I’ve been trying to get up in crow every week but, I just could never find my balance and would just have to stay on my tippy toes. But, today when I went up I stayed and was so surprised! It’s amazing what the body can accomplish when you push yourself! 

Something else exciting! Mike and I are running in a 5k tonight. The race starts at 11:59pm and is called the midnight fun run. I’m already wondering how I’m going to stay up late enough to make it to the race. This girl is usually in bed by 10pm. But have no fear, I will survive! This morning I went to sign in early for the race, got my shirt, some freebies, and my wristband. 



All ready to go!

I plan on relaxing the rest of the day til the race. Since all that’s left in school for the semester is two finals, I plan to start hitting the books hard tomorrow. But until then, I feel a little break is needed. 


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    […] kind of freaked me out. Now that I know that my body is capable of more challenging poses, like crow, I am going to push myself to get that headstand. I really think it’s all about mind over […]

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