Race Recap: Midnight Fun Run

25 Apr

Last night’s race was loads of fun! Mike and I headed to campus a little after 11pm where we just hung out before heading to the start line. We lined up inbetween the 8 minute/mile corral and the 10 minute/ mile corral– what we assumed would be the 9 minute/mile area. We ran the race together for the first 2 miles, and then with a mile left I told Mike he could take off, because I knew I needed to slow down a bit. This was was my first time participating in a race and now I want to continue to improve my running so I can sign up for another one. I was pretty pleased with my time.



And then here’s us goofballs post race, ready to go home and sleep! But that was next to impossible. I had so many endorphins running through my body that it took forever to fall asleep last night. I guess that’s the one bad thing about a nice race. 



This morning I slept in a little bit to make up for being up so late last night, but I had a hard time getting moving. It was definitely a coffee morning. Once I was fully awake I headed to the gym to get in my strength training for the day. Besides fitting in a yoga class either tomorrow or Saturday, not much will be going on besides studying for finals.



And here’s me doing crow. Mike wanted to know what it was so I showed him and he snapped a picture. Can’t wait to try it again in class!


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