27 Apr

Usually I am not a very spontaneous individual. I love planning, making plans, and following those plans. I have an agenda and use it every day. Yesterday I threw all of that into the wind when I got an email telling me that at J.Crew Factory stores everything was 50% off. Nothing like a little shopping trip to screw up your day’s plans. Let me tell you though, it was well worth it! I made the hour and a half trek to the St. Augustine Outlets just to go to one store, that is pure dedication right there. I came away with a couple pairs of shorts, a pair of their skimmer pants that I love the fit of, and a simple white shirt.

When I got home in the middle of the afternoon, I got to baking. This afternoon I am heading to a little end of the year get together with some of my classmates. The party is potluck style and you better believe I signed up to make a sweet treat. After going back and forth about what to make, I settled with funfetti chocolate chip cookies, because who doesn’t love a little funfetti? The recipe is super easy and actually uses boxed cake mix as the base. I may have already tasted one (or two) of these cookies and I have to say they are moist and delicious!


After I finished baking, I ran out the door to yoga. I had seriously considered skipping yoga due to my lack of getting things done earlier in the day, but I am extremely happy I ended up going. The class made me slow down and relax for the first time that day. We didn’t do my new favorite pose, crow, during class but I tried it at the end of class. A little recap of that… Attempt #1: Almost fell right on my face. Attempt #2 and #3: Held it, but not as long as I hoped. I can admit I wasn’t 100% focused when trying crow, as everyone around me was packing up to leave, but I just couldn’t resist practicing the pose some more.

And now to the best time of the week. That’s right, a recap of Pizza Friday. Last night’s pie was the household favorite, Buffalo Chicken. We have a slight obsession with buffalo sauce in this apartment. Mike even made the suggestion last night that buffalo sauce needs to be included in at least one meal per week. While that most likely is not going to happen, we do enjoy it everytime it’s on the menu.


Is your mouth watering yet? I know mine is and it’s 8:40 in the morning. Too bad there are no leftovers.

I hope everyone enjoys their Saturday. I’ve got to get to work crossing items off my to-do list. Up first, ironing these new clothes….uhhh.


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