Study Mode

28 Apr

My nose has been in the books all day long. I am taking a much needed break from studying the grueling subject of Epidemiology. I just keep reminding myself that the semester will officially be over tomorrow. I have two finals, one at 1:30pm and another at 4:05pm. Back to back, baby!

I did make it to the gym this morning in anticipation of my day filled with sitting and studying. After lifting weights, I did a short ab workout and then hit the treadmill where I completed a 2.6 mile run. When I got home, Mike and I took Chipper to the dog park to run around and soak up some sun. Since then it has been constant studying.

I took a short break from studying to make a delicious comfort food filled dinner- Chicken Pot Pie. It was simple and delicious. Now that I have a full belly, it’s back to studying.


I have updated the recipe page and it now has the recipes for most meals that I have highlighted through the weeks.Β 


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