Doggy Mayhem

2 May



Doesn’t he just look sweet and innocent? Well let me tell you that those sweet looks are very deceiving. I spent a little bit of the afternoon snuggling with the pup because I am heading out of town tomorrow and naturally I will miss the little guy. So after spending some quality time together I started getting things ready to make a pizza for dinner. I went out on the patio to rip some basil leaves off of my herb plants and I left the door open since it was nice and cool outside. It is completely normal for Chipper to sit by the patio door and keep watch outside but today he got a little out of hand. Can you tell where this is headed? I guess he decided that the basil smelled good and he wanted to give it a try because I went outside to check on him and his nose was buried in the dirt while ripping my basil plants up. I was able to salvage two of the four plants so I’m hoping they continue to grow. I was so disappointed in the little guy and because of his actions he had to take a time out in his crate. 

Even after all of the before dinner mayhem, the pizza still turned out great. We decided to move the traditional Pizza Friday up a day since I’m heading out of town tomorrow. Tonight’s pizza was a simple tomato and fresh basil pie. 



Today’s workout was a mash up of some of my favorite exercises we’ve had thus far in Bootcamp. I was feeling the need to lift some weights today, so I put off the plyometric focused workout that was on the schedule for the day. I figured I would just save this workout for the weekend. After lifting weights I hit the Stair Master for 15 minutes til my heart was pumping and my legs were shaking. 

Tomorrow I am heading up to Savannah with my parents to celebrate my sister’s graduation from Graduate School. She will be graduating as a Doctor of Physical Therapy. We got a doctor in the house! The trip to Georgia will be a quick one, but I always love visiting Savannah. It’s such a fun city to walk around and explore. And the best part about going to Savannah is bringing home pralines. These things are a decadent treat and sweet enough to rot your teeth out. I sure can’t wait to enjoy them! We will have to see if any make it home to Gainesville or if they all get eaten on the car ride. It will be a challenge to resist those sweet treats. 


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