Road Trippin’

4 May

Whew! Talk about a quick road trip. I left yesterday around 11am to head to Savannah and got back around 6pm this evening. The weekend has been rainy and it made for some long car rides. Yesterday when we arrived in Savannah, my family headed to The Olde Pink House for a celebratory dinner in honor of my sister, the doctor. I started off the dinner with one of the restaurant’s signature drinks, The Seersucker. 



A delicious southern drink made with sweet tea flavored vodka and some lemon juice. It was extremely refreshing. We ordered a couple of appetizers to share for the table and everything was delicious. For my meal I ordered a grilled pork tenderloin with a side of sweet potato topped with pecan vanilla butter. I snapped a picture, but I have to admit it was after I already tried a bite, I didn’t want to subject you all to that. The whole meal was delicious and the atmosphere was great. I definitely recommend the Olde Pink House if you ever travel to Savannah. 

Kristin’s graduation ceremony was this morning, so we had an early wake up call in order to get downtown on time. After all the graduation hoopla we snapped a few pictures before heading on to our next mission. 



Here’s the whole fam in one of the squares downtown. After the photo op I had to get my hands on some pralines so we made a quick stop at the Savannah Candy Kitchen. 



I am proud to admit that even after a 3.5 hour car ride, I only ate one praline. Now I have something to look forward to throughout the week. After picking up my sweets, the family grabbed a quick lunch and then 3 out of the 4 of us headed back to Florida. It was a quick trip, but I am so impressed of all my sister’s hard work. I’m such a proud little sis. 


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