On the Road Again

8 May

This afternoon I hit the road, once again, to head to Orlando. I have a flight that leaves bright and early tomorrow morning. I’m headed to Louisville with my mom and sister so we can visit some family. I’m feeling a bit like a world traveler lately. 

Let’s rewind to yesterday… I tried a yoga class at Power Yoga Ocala. I decided to do the “Power Hour” class and it was great. The room was hot, and I quickly turned into a sweaty mess. I am always hesitant to try new a yoga or really any workout class, because I get so accustomed to classes going a certain way. I know this nervousness is silly, but it happens- I can’t help it. The instructor yesterday was very welcoming and friendly, it made for a great yoga experience and helped to ease my hesitation. 

After yoga I was hun-gry! I headed home to put together a quick salad. I topped some mixed greens with leftover BBQ chicken, pecans, blue cheese, and a vinergarette dressing. It was so delicious! 



I’m off to double check to make sure I have everything for the trip. I’ll check in from the Bluegrass State!


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