Excuse Me, I Just Burpee’d

16 May

I am happy to report that today was a much better day than yesterday. My car started and the day only got better from there. I headed to campus early to fit in a workout before class. Today’s workout was a power workout that consisted of 3 sets of an exercise followed by 20 burpees. This format was repeated for every exercise. By the end of the workout I reached 100 burpees. The workout was quick but intense. I can guarantee that I looked like a crazy person while doing my burpees because as soon as I started jumping my hair would start to fall out of my pony tail. I really do need to find a workout friendly hair style for my extremely thick hair. Any ideas send them my way!

After a quick class, I headed home with plans to take Chipper on a walk. Things have been low key aroundย here this evening. Chipper and I are both sprawled out on the couch relaxing at this very moment. Mike volunteered to make us dinner, so I was more than happy to hand over the reigns. He whipped us up chicken stir fry and it was very satisfying.ย Image

On the agenda for tomorrow is class and then some yoga. I’m excited to get back to yoga after an erratic schedule over the past 2 weeks.


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