Step By Step

21 May

Good news! The week is almost halfway done. Is anyone else excited for the long weekend coming up? This girl sure is. I have plans to hit the beach and soak up some sunshine. 

Yesterday was another meatless Monday for me. Dinner last night was a frittata that had sauteed onion, spinach, and goat cheese in it. I topped it with a sliced tomato to give the dish some color. It was extremely filling and easy to make. 



This week marks the last week of this round of Best Body Bootcamp. I have enjoyed my experience with this program and it’s hard to believe how fast the eight weeks went by. The workouts provided by Tina were full of new-to-me exercises and I constantly felt like I was challenging myself. Since I didn’t have a bootcamp workout planned for the day, I decided to head to the stadium on campus to get some vertical steps in. Stadiums always kick my butt. 


I ran stadiums for a little over 20 minutes and then used to bleachers to do some ab workouts. Note to self: bleachers are hot, hot, hot when it’s sunny and 88 degrees out! 

The weather here was playing games later in the afternoon. It was really windy, dark, and misty but it never actually rained. Chipper and I chose to stay indoors and catch up on some Netflix. A productive afternoon in my eyes!


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