Fun in the Sun

27 May

I am slowly making my way back to reality. This long Memorial Day weekend was such a blast, I don’t want the little mini-vacation to end. Let me catch you up on the past couple of days. On Friday Chipper and I headed to Ocala to make a pit stop for the night. I decided to whip up some jello shots to bring to the beach, because really what else says “holiday weekend” more than containers full of raspberry lemonade jello shots? 



Saturday morning Mike and I left Ocala to head south… beach or bust. We arrived in Madeira Beach after a couple of hours on the road and we were ready for the fun to start. My friend Allison invited us to stay on her family’s boat with her and her boyfriend, Chris. It was such a fun experience and I still don’t think I have my land legs back. We spent Saturday on the beach and enjoyed some live entertainment Saturday night.



Sunday was our last day so the group spent most of our time relaxing in the water and sand. After soaking up a little bit too much sun, Mike and I headed back home. We had a blast this weekend and I was sad it went by so fast. Thanks to Allison and her family for the hospitality! 

Tomorrow is back to the real world and I am feeling the need to cleanse my body after the food and drinks I consumed this weekend. I see some fresh juices happening this week. But until then I plan on enjoying the rest of the holiday. 

Thank you to all the men and women who have served and fought for this great country!


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