In a Frenzy

30 May

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like you are just rushed? I experienced that this morning and I have nobody to blame but myself. I usually head to campus early before my class so I can go to the gym, but this morning I decided that I would just workout at my apartment before hand instead. I misjudged time and ended up having to rush post-workout to shower and then quickly head out the door to school. I was able to make a protein shake and grab a piece of banana bread to go so my stomach wouldn’t be growling in class. I hate being that girl. 


This was the perfect after workout snack. I didn’t mean to cut such a big slice, but believe me, I didn’t hate it!

So what had me in such a frenzy that I ended up spending more time in the gym than anticipated?


This sweaty circuit that I created before heading to the gym. I had in mind that I would do each exercise for 30 seconds then rest 10 seconds and move onto the next exercise. I wanted to complete 3 rounds of the circuit. The workout moved very quick and got my heart rate up. I decided to throw in a 1/4 mile sprint at the end of each circuit. After my three rounds of the circuit and sprints I finished up with a one mile run for the Runner’s World Streak Challenge

Besides going to class the rest of my afternoon was filled with studying for an exam that I have tomorrow. I took a break to throw together an easy dinner of leftovers. I topped some mixed greens with chicken from last night and the black bean and corn salsa.


I’m all about quick and simple dinners lately. I’m off to study some more. 

Although it’s been a short week, I am ready for the weekend. Anyone else feeling this way? 


2 Responses to “In a Frenzy”


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