5 Jun

The weather in Central Florida has been pretty cruddy the past few days. Lack of Vitamin D sometimes leads to lack of motivation for me and that is something I just can’t have. I went on the search for some inspirational posters in case you too are feeling uninspired. 




Well said, Muhammad, well said. 



It takes a while to get it, I won’t lie. Starting a gym routine and healthy eating regime can be tough, and sometimes it just seems easier to cheat, but the important thing is to stop making the gym a chore or something you check off your list. Simply make it part of your day, like brushing your teeth. 



And this here is my favorite. While I don’t like comparing myself to other people at the gym, I like to only worry about my individual improvements, sometimes a little competition is healthy. Today when I hopped on the treadmill the girl next to me was booking it. I originally planned to only run a mile, but I didn’t want to give up because my neighbor was still going strong. I ended up stopping at 2 miles, while my neighbor continued on. I admitted defeat, but was happy with my performance and said a mental thank you to my neighbor for pushing me.


For those you you who are runners, don’t forget that today is National Running Day. That was another motivator for today’s run. It doesn’t matter how fast you go, just as long as you go.  


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