A Weekend at Home

17 Jun

I made my way back up to Gainesville late this morning after a fun filled weekend at home. Today has been a regular run of the mill Monday, so I feel the need to fill you in on all my weekend excitement. I arrived in Ocala late Friday afternoon and experimented with grilling some pizzas. It was a little stressful making sure the dough didn’t stick to the grates of the grill, but the end results were delicious. I made a Mexican inspired pizza that was topped with jalapeno, bacon, sauteed onion, and pepper jack cheese. The second pizza I made had bacon, pepperoni, and sauteed onion. So yummy!



Please note the homemade ice cream cookie sandwich, it was my little sweet treat after cooking dinner. Saturday morning started with a trip to the farmer’s market. My mom and I picked up some produce and fresh bread. I picked out an “energy cookie” from the bread guy and it was interesting. Very dense and filled with dried fruit. It reminded me more of a muffin top than a cookie. I also had to stop by Starbuck’s for a coffee. The necessities!



Saturday afternoon was spent floating down the Rainbow River. The trip down the river is nice and relaxing. The river is fed by the water from the springs so it stays a chilly 72 degree year round. The water was the perfect temperature to keep me cool during the whole float. Our group was lucky, we made it down the river and back to our cars just as the afternoon rain started. Father’s Day started out with the traditional Eggs Benedict made by my mom. 



Breakfast was so delicious and after working on some homework for a little bit I decided to head out for a bike ride. I rode for 40 minutes and covered 10 miles. The rest of the day was spent relaxing and not doing much of anything. 

I am now back in Gainesville wrapping things up for my summer class. We have an exam on Wednesday and then this class is over. I have an online class starting July 1st, so I’ll have a little break from school. I’m looking forward to it! 


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