S’mores and Homework

26 Jun

What a busy week it’s been so far! It’s been tough getting back into a routine of waking up early and getting out of the house. Chipper is definitely not a fan of these early wake up calls. The past few days of my internship have been going well. I’m in the process of perfecting taking blood pressure and administering cholesterol screenings. By Friday I am hoping to feel confident enough to be able to do a health screening all on my own. 

I’ve been bringing my gym bag with me to my internship, so the past two days I’ve been able to fit in a workout before heading home for the day. It’s extremely convienent working in a facility that has a gym. 

Last night we had our meatless meal for the week. My mom prepared some fish tacos. This was my first time ever having fish tacos and I am officially a fan. They were so light and yummy. We paired the tacos with a little brown rice topped with cilantro. 



After dinner I was in need of a little sweet treat so I made a s’more in the oven. Instead of using chocolate I spread some Nutella on one of the graham crackers. The result… pure deliciousness. The perfect summer sweet treat and I didn’t have to sweat by a camp fire. 



I have a little “homework” to do for my internship this afternoon. Part of my role in administering the health screenings is also providing some health coaching. I have some information regarding blood pressure and cholesterol to look over so I can be sure to suggest the proper techniques to improve overall health. 


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