Fitness Friday

12 Jul

Happy Friday! I had today off from my internship, so I attempted to sleep in. I woke up around 7:30, walked Chipper, ate a delicious yogurt parfait for breakfast, and then headed to the gym.Image

I thought I would beat the afternoon lunch rush in the fitness center, but I learned the hard way that there is a big crowd there late morning as well. Oh well! I was still able to get my workout in, so that’s all that matters. This week’s workouts looked like:

  • Sunday: Hot Yoga
  • Monday: 10min run + Back + 10 min run
  • Tuesday: 1.6mi run outside
  • Wednesday: 10min run + Chest + Arms
  • Thursday: Pull-ups + 12 min Stairmill + 13min run
  • Friday: Legs + Abs

After the gym I headed out to test drive some cars. I found one that I love and the dealer let me bring it home to test it out for the night. I’ll be heading back in tomorrow to officially make it mine. I made the switch from an SUV to a car and I’m thinking I will handle it just fine. The car doesn’t feel too small, which is a major plus for me!

Another exciting note is that tonight is Pizza Friday! I’ll be making a Hawaiian Pizza for the family and I’m thinking that I will pair it with a Ceasar salad that I’ve been craving.Β 


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