Fitness Friday

19 Jul

Woah! It’s been a whole week since I’ve posted. The start of the week got off to an extremely busy start and then I guess the week just got away from me. I had both yesterday and today off from my internship so I’ve been able to catch up on some studying and school work. This week I tried to eat as healthy as possible in anticipation for the weekend. Today is my birthday so I knew that I would be indulging in some sweets more than a few times over the weekend. Dinner last night was a simple and delicious salad. 



It was topped with chicken, hard boiled egg, bacon, and blue cheese. Yummy! And since the house will be full of dogs this weekend I blended up some homemade dog smoothies for the pooches. 



These won’t last long. I’m sure the three dogs in the family will enjoy them. 

I got some great workouts in this week. I did overdo it a little with running. I ran three days in a row and my heel was not happy with me yesterday. I decided to take today off completely to rest, relax, and enjoy my day. Here’s what the rest of the week looked like:

  • Monday: 12 min. run + back
  • Tuesday: 12 min. run + chest + arms + 6 min. stairmill
  • Wednesday: 13 min. interval run + 12 min. run
  • Thursday: yoga + legs

I’ll be back over the weekend to do a birthday recap! With my sister’s birthday yesterday and mine today there sure is some fun to be had! 


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