Fitness Friday

3 Aug

So I may be a day late, but Fitness Saturday doesn’t roll of the tongue as easily as Fitness Friday. Agree? Agree! ย Let’s cut to the chase. This weekend was just a so-so week for working out. I had some longer days at my internship and I seemed to be standing quite a bit which bothered my heel, so Monday and Wednesday were just not happening at the gym for me. Here’s what I did happen to accomplish this week.

  • Tuesday: Back + 15 minutes on Stairmill
  • Thursday: 15 min run + Chest + Arms + 5 min cool down jog
  • Friday: Legs + 15 min of jumping rope

I’m also hoping to make it to hot yoga tomorrow to finish off the week on a positive note. My goal for next week is to be a little more consistent with my workouts. This past week was just lacking a little motivation. Nothing a little planning can’t change.

This weekend’s plans include relaxing, studying, and weather permitting hanging by the pool. Chipper started the weekend off a little lazily this morning.


But rest assured, he mustered up enough energy to run around at the dog park and continue to play all day long. He is an endless ball of energy. He sure does keep me active.


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