Long Weekends

25 Aug

Want to know something wonderful? I somehow managed to win the lottery with my school schedule this semester. I have Tuesday and Thursday classes, which leaves me with a glorious 4 day weekend. So what have I done with all of my free time this weekend? Nothing out of the ordinary.

Friday means only one thing in this household. PIZZA! Mike put his request in weeks in advance, so there was no question about the toppings on our pizza this week. It just had to be Buffalo Chicken- no questions asked.


This pizza is always a winner and we never end up with leftovers.

On Saturday, Mike and I went to the farmer’s market here in Gainesville, but I was seriously disappointed. Nothing looked good and we left empty handed. Well not entirely, on the way home we stopped at Starbuck’s for a little pick-me-up.

And now we’ve reached Sunday. I started my day off with some yoga and besides that I have designated the rest of the day to truly being a lazy Sunday. The rain outside is helping us out on that one. The only other things I plan to accomplish today are folding laundry, cooking dinner, and partially watching the VMAs. The award show has gotten worse as the years have gone on, but with the rumored N*SYNC performance you know I will be tuning in. The middle school girl inside of me is giddy with the anticipation.


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