Fall Treats

28 Aug

So, how do you know when fall is just around the corner? Let me answer that question with a picture.


This is how. When you start seeing fall inspired candies at Target. Bags of candy corn were just waiting for me at the check out lane during my latest trip to Target. They caught my eye and I couldn’t refuse them! Another one of my favorite fall treats are the Halloween Oreos. They seem to taste even better (if that’s possible) ย when they are that bright orange color!

I’m only a week into school and time is already starting to fly by. Let me just remind you that September is only a few days away. Does that seem crazy to anyone else? Before we know it the holidays and some cooler weather will be upon us!

I’ve gotten back into the swing of things and have finally gotten into a routine. On both Tuesdays and Thursdays I have an hour and twenty minutes between my classes so it leaves me just enough time to head to the gym and get my workout in for the day. This way, once my classes get out for the evening I can head straight home to eat dinner. Earlier this week I made a pork tenderloin, cooked apples, and green beans.


It turned out great. I used this marinade for the pork and the flavor was delicious. For the apples all I do is peel and slice them, put them in a skillet with a little margarine and brown sugar, cook til soft, and then add a little cinnamon to taste. They sure are a favorite around here!


2 Responses to “Fall Treats”


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