Breakfast of Champions

16 Sep

Mike and I both woke up wanting some pancakes yesterday morning. I’ve been meaning to try creating a protein pancake recipe, so what better day than a Sunday morning to try it out. I made the mistake of not measuring my ingredients. I just eye-balled everything, so I don’t have a recipe to share yet. What went into making them was greek yogurt, oats, cinnamon bun protein powder, cinnamon, milk, an egg, baking powder, and a little whole wheat flour.


I am going to recreate these soon and measure everything out so I can share the recipe. I am going to try to leave the whole wheat flour out and maybe just use a little more oats. The end result was a filling and delicious pancake. I’m not going to lie, a big plate of chocolate chip pancakes would have been better, but these were a good alternative.

For breakfast this morning I popped some of the left over pancakes in the microwave and paired them with an apple, carrot, and celery juice.


I was craving some fresh juice, so I had to work with what produce I had on hand. Obviously, it was slim pickings around here!

As for the rest of the day, it’s a normal Monday around here. Getting some things done for school before classes tomorrow!


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