Fall Treats

28 Aug

So, how do you know when fall is just around the corner? Let me answer that question with a picture.


This is how. When you start seeing fall inspired candies at Target. Bags of candy corn were just waiting for me at the check out lane during my latest trip to Target. They caught my eye and I couldn’t refuse them! Another one of my favorite fall treats are the Halloween Oreos. They seem to taste even better (if that’s possible) Β when they are that bright orange color!

I’m only a week into school and time is already starting to fly by. Let me just remind you that September is only a few days away. Does that seem crazy to anyone else? Before we know it the holidays and some cooler weather will be upon us!

I’ve gotten back into the swing of things and have finally gotten into a routine. On both Tuesdays and Thursdays I have an hour and twenty minutes between my classes so it leaves me just enough time to head to the gym and get my workout in for the day. This way, once my classes get out for the evening I can head straight home to eat dinner. Earlier this week I made a pork tenderloin, cooked apples, and green beans.


It turned out great. I used this marinade for the pork and the flavor was delicious. For the apples all I do is peel and slice them, put them in a skillet with a little margarine and brown sugar, cook til soft, and then add a little cinnamon to taste. They sure are a favorite around here!


Long Weekends

25 Aug

Want to know something wonderful? I somehow managed to win the lottery with my school schedule this semester. I have Tuesday and Thursday classes, which leaves me with a glorious 4 day weekend. So what have I done with all of my free time this weekend? Nothing out of the ordinary.

Friday means only one thing in this household. PIZZA! Mike put his request in weeks in advance, so there was no question about the toppings on our pizza this week. It just had to be Buffalo Chicken- no questions asked.


This pizza is always a winner and we never end up with leftovers.

On Saturday, Mike and I went to the farmer’s market here in Gainesville, but I was seriously disappointed. Nothing looked good and we left empty handed. Well not entirely, on the way home we stopped at Starbuck’s for a little pick-me-up.

And now we’ve reached Sunday. I started my day off with some yoga and besides that I have designated the rest of the day to truly being a lazy Sunday. The rain outside is helping us out on that one. The only other things I plan to accomplish today are folding laundry, cooking dinner, and partially watching the VMAs. The award show has gotten worse as the years have gone on, but with the rumored N*SYNC performance you know I will be tuning in. The middle school girl inside of me is giddy with the anticipation.

Back to School

22 Aug

Today is my last first day of school. I’ve said that before with the end of my undergraduate run, but this time I mean it! The past couple of days have been filled with unpacking and getting back into a routine. I somehow managed to accumulate a lot of stuff over the summer. My car seemed much more full on the way back to Gainesville than it did on the way home this summer. Maybe it was just a little deceiving because I have a car instead of a an SUV now, but there was a lot of unpacking to do! While I was getting settled I found this little treat that my mom put in my bag.


I am a sucker for sour candies! Thanks mom!

Yesterday was spent hanging out and getting organized for classes. I may have taken a lot of puppy-play breaks.


Dog pile! I won, obviously. πŸ˜‰

Dinner last night was a make your own fajita spread. They were delicious, but left the apartment smelling like Chili’s all night long.


And now for today, it’s back to the real world. I have two classes this afternoon with a little break in between, so I’m hoping to make it to the gym during my break. Busy, busy, busy!

Weekend Eats

20 Aug

Today marks the end of my summer vacation. I’m heading back to Gainesville later this morning to get my rear in gear before classes start later this week. I enjoyed my summer at home and it went by way too fast. My last weekend at home was filled with delicious food.


Sunday morning my mom and I whipped up some delicious sour cream waffles topped with a pecan praline and peach sauce. I first saw this recipe on Brunch with Bobby and immediately knew that I needed to make it. This breakfast was so good. Every bite was a little taste of the South.

I may enjoy watching cooking shows a little too much because another great meal from this weekend came from the Pioneer Woman. This shrimp dish was perfect over a little bit of pasta. It was a very colorful and flavorful dish. And although I didn’t make it, my mom said it was very easy to prepare.


The cooking responsibilities now fall to me. Mike and I usually share the dinner duties, but he is recovering from shoulder surgery so I will be the head chef when we get back to Gainesville. Hopefully some more inspiration will strike me soon!

Off to pack and hit the road!

Fitness Friday

16 Aug

Who else out there loves Fridays? I know I sure do! This whole week was very enjoyable for me. I had no responsibilities, nowhere to be, I just flew by the seat of my pants. After my relaxing week off, I am prepared to head back to school next week. Since I had so much time on my hands this week I had a great week of workouts.

  • Monday: 15 min run + Back + 5 min on Stairmill
  • Tuesday: 15 min on Stairmill & 18 min run
  • Wednesday: Hot yoga
  • Thursday: 10 min on Stairmill + Chest + Arms + 15 min run
  • Friday: 12 min on Stairmill + Legs + 15 min incline walk


I love when I am able to get 5 consecutive days in the gym. I can guarantee I’ll talk at least one much-needed rest day this weekend.

After working out this morning, I headed to the farmer’s market with my mom. I wanted to stock up on some spaghetti and butternut squash to take back to Gainesville with me. I’m telling ya… I’ve been spoiled having my mom cook for me this summer. Back to the real world now!

This afternoon was gloomy here so I spent my time reading and watching terrible, but addictive Lifetime movies. For dinner this evening, my parents and I went to a local Italian restaurant and partook of our Pizza Friday. So delish!

As for the rest of the weekend, I’m hoping for some sunshine! Happy weekend!

Wedding Talk Wednesday: Getting Organized

14 Aug

I decided to start a new segment so I can share news on the wedding front. Wednesdays will now be all about Wedding Talk. Of course, right now we are only just beginning to think about starting to plan our wedding, so there is not much to share.

This week I’ve slowly been putting together a wedding planning binder. After getting engaged, I searched online and found pre-made wedding planners, but I wanted something that I could personalize and add pages too. I found this really great wedding timeline/checklist that I printed out and I then set out to create my own wedding binder.


I found a super cute free monogram printable from For Chic Sake to use as the cover for my binder. I made sure to use my future monogram! I then added some dividers to help me stay organized. I divided the wedding timeline/checklist into the appropriate categories. Right now the binder is divided into the following sections:

  • Monthly Checklist
  • Budget
  • Guest List/ Invite Information
  • The Big Day (ceremony and reception information)
  • Vendors

I still have to add a section for bridal/bridal party and groomsmen attire and a section for travel information. I also bought a clear zipper pouch for the front of the binder that I can put color swatches, pictures, and business cards in.

Like I said, the planning is only in the very early stages. Mike and I are hoping to set a date soon, once we get back to Gainesville and are able to visit a few locations. I will keep you all posted with our progress with the Wedding Talk Wednesdays!

Summer Vacation is Here!

12 Aug

Today starts my official week and a half of summer vacation! That means no online classes and no internship for this girl. Just a glorious week and a half of relaxing and recouping so I can tackle my last semester of graduate school! It’s hard to believe in only four short months I will graduate with my Master’s degree. Time sure does fly!Β 

Today was a rather run-of-the-mill day. I awoke and it was actually light outside! All of those early mornings with my internship were starting to take a toll on me. Chipper and I went for a walk before it got too hot, and then I hung out a bit before heading to the gym. I’m still able to use the gym facilities at my internship so I didn’t have to worry about getting a week-long membership anywhere.Β 

After my workout I came home and made a delicious protein smoothie. It’s the perfect lunch for a hot summer day, if you ask me!


The rest of the day will be filled with checking things off of my to-do list, playing with the pup, and remembering to relax. Oh yeah, and watching the reunion of the Real Housewives of Orange County. Call it my guilty pleasure, but I just can’t help tuning in every week.Β 

And now for your daily dose of cuteness. I walked in to this little guy taking a snooze on my bed last night. He made sure to arrange the pillows so they were just to his liking.Β