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Weekly Workouts and Fall Favorites

14 Sep

The weeks are beginning to fly by for me. I swear it was just Monday, but nope! It’s already the weekend. Classes have been going well and I’ve been trying to get some work done so I can commit to studying for my certification exam. Coming up in just about a month I have to take the Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) exam in order to graduate from my Master’s program. The exam happens to fall right in the middle of midterms, so I am trying to work ahead in my classes and get things done. 

Workouts this week have once again been squeezed in between my classes. 

  • Monday: 10 min row + 10 min incline walk + Back + Abs
  • Tuesday: 10 min run + Arms
  • Wednesday: Yoga
  • Thursday: 10 min run + Chest + 10 min incline walk
  • Saturday: 12 min Stairmill + Legs

After spending some time at the gym this morning, Mike and I did some grocery shopping for the week. I found one of my favorite fall treats that I previously mentioned. 


Halloween Oreos! I already tasted them and they, of course, were delicious. It’s something about that orange color that makes them taste even better. Another great Fall find was this huge bag of Pumpkin Spice coffee from Target. 


It’s the perfect amount of pumpkin flavor and it makes me feel like Fall is just around the corner, even though it’s still 90 degrees here in Florida. 

The rest of the day is going to be spent working on a paper and watching some college football. Mike volunteered to make us spaghetti and meatballs for dinner, so I get to enjoy the night off! Time to put the feet up and relax!

Enjoy your weekend!


Fitness Friday

30 Aug

Happy long weekend! I hope everyone has some fun plans for this holiday weekend. Mike and I will be heading to Ocala in a little bit for the weekend. I’m super excited because I’ve gotten all my school work done ,so I’m not bringing my books or laptop home. Living on the edge! I plan on just relaxing. And I’m sure I’ll end up watching more college football than I’m really willing to.

I had a really great week at the gym. I’ve finally gotten back into the groove of my gym routine.

  • Sunday: yoga
  • Monday: 15 min Stairmill + back + abs
  • Tuesday: 15 min run + push-ups/pull-ups + abs + 10 min Stairmill
  • Wednesday: 10 min row + arms + 10 min incline walk
  • Thursday: 20 min running + legs
  • Friday: yoga

After yoga this morning I headed to Trader Joe’s in search of pretzel buns. I keep seeing them on commercials and have been wanting to try them, but I will not bring myself to buy a fast food burger. Luckily TJ’s did not disappoint.


These pretzel buns look so good and the cashier at TJ’s assured me they are to die for. Needless to say, we will be having burgers sometime this weekend! I’ll let you all know how they are.

Fitness Friday

16 Aug

Who else out there loves Fridays? I know I sure do! This whole week was very enjoyable for me. I had no responsibilities, nowhere to be, I just flew by the seat of my pants. After my relaxing week off, I am prepared to head back to school next week. Since I had so much time on my hands this week I had a great week of workouts.

  • Monday: 15 min run + Back + 5 min on Stairmill
  • Tuesday: 15 min on Stairmill & 18 min run
  • Wednesday: Hot yoga
  • Thursday: 10 min on Stairmill + Chest + Arms + 15 min run
  • Friday: 12 min on Stairmill + Legs + 15 min incline walk


I love when I am able to get 5 consecutive days in the gym. I can guarantee I’ll talk at least one much-needed rest day this weekend.

After working out this morning, I headed to the farmer’s market with my mom. I wanted to stock up on some spaghetti and butternut squash to take back to Gainesville with me. I’m telling ya… I’ve been spoiled having my mom cook for me this summer. Back to the real world now!

This afternoon was gloomy here so I spent my time reading and watching terrible, but addictive Lifetime movies. For dinner this evening, my parents and I went to a local Italian restaurant and partook of our Pizza Friday. So delish!

As for the rest of the weekend, I’m hoping for some sunshine! Happy weekend!

Summer Vacation is Here!

12 Aug

Today starts my official week and a half of summer vacation! That means no online classes and no internship for this girl. Just a glorious week and a half of relaxing and recouping so I can tackle my last semester of graduate school! It’s hard to believe in only four short months I will graduate with my Master’s degree. Time sure does fly! 

Today was a rather run-of-the-mill day. I awoke and it was actually light outside! All of those early mornings with my internship were starting to take a toll on me. Chipper and I went for a walk before it got too hot, and then I hung out a bit before heading to the gym. I’m still able to use the gym facilities at my internship so I didn’t have to worry about getting a week-long membership anywhere. 

After my workout I came home and made a delicious protein smoothie. It’s the perfect lunch for a hot summer day, if you ask me!


The rest of the day will be filled with checking things off of my to-do list, playing with the pup, and remembering to relax. Oh yeah, and watching the reunion of the Real Housewives of Orange County. Call it my guilty pleasure, but I just can’t help tuning in every week. 

And now for your daily dose of cuteness. I walked in to this little guy taking a snooze on my bed last night. He made sure to arrange the pillows so they were just to his liking. 


Online Shopping

6 Aug

Why is online shopping so easy? Just this afternoon my mom told me about a Kate Spade sale going on, so I headed online to see what they had, and of course there was a bag calling my name. There was no resisting this one.


I had some birthday money to spend and it was a really good deal so I don’t feel too bad about this purchase. Online shopping has made it way too convenient to spend money. Usually I am able to restrain myself, but you have to splurge every now and then, right?

In more relevant news, this week in the gym has been off to a much better start than last week. Today I didn’t have any lifting planned so I hopped on the treadmill for a run and then I made sure to stretch out for a while at the end.


Talk about effectively using my time at the gym. The rest of my week is going to be busy busy busy. I have an early morning at my internship tomorrow and then I have a quiz and a final for my online class the following days. Some major studying needs to occur in the next couple of days so I can go into my final feeling completely confident in the subject matter.

All I can say is, I’m ready for a break next week!

Fitness Friday

3 Aug

So I may be a day late, but Fitness Saturday doesn’t roll of the tongue as easily as Fitness Friday. Agree? Agree!  Let’s cut to the chase. This weekend was just a so-so week for working out. I had some longer days at my internship and I seemed to be standing quite a bit which bothered my heel, so Monday and Wednesday were just not happening at the gym for me. Here’s what I did happen to accomplish this week.

  • Tuesday: Back + 15 minutes on Stairmill
  • Thursday: 15 min run + Chest + Arms + 5 min cool down jog
  • Friday: Legs + 15 min of jumping rope

I’m also hoping to make it to hot yoga tomorrow to finish off the week on a positive note. My goal for next week is to be a little more consistent with my workouts. This past week was just lacking a little motivation. Nothing a little planning can’t change.

This weekend’s plans include relaxing, studying, and weather permitting hanging by the pool. Chipper started the weekend off a little lazily this morning.


But rest assured, he mustered up enough energy to run around at the dog park and continue to play all day long. He is an endless ball of energy. He sure does keep me active.

Fitness Friday

26 Jul

It’s the weekend! My week flew by and I can reassure you that I am not complaining! After a very exciting weekend, it was hard to get my mind back into work mode this week. Thankfully, my internship was pretty slow and no major projects were going on. I managed to get a workout in every day this week, which felt great.

  • Monday: 12 min run + Back
  • Tuesday: 18 min run + 7 min Stairmill
  • Wednesday: warm-up jog + Chest + Arms + Abs
  • Thursday: 30 min of intervals of jump rope, squats, and jumping jacks
  • Friday: Hot Yoga

As soon as I finished my yoga class today I headed home to shower and pack. Chipper and I had a road trip to Orlando planned so we could spend Mike’s birthday weekend with him.


I am so thankful that this little guy likes car rides. It makes everything that much easier. I hope you all enjoy your weekend and get a chance to relax!