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Breakfast of Champions

16 Sep

Mike and I both woke up wanting some pancakes yesterday morning. I’ve been meaning to try creating a protein pancake recipe, so what better day than a Sunday morning to try it out. I made the mistake of not measuring my ingredients. I just eye-balled everything, so I don’t have a recipe to share yet. What went into making them was greek yogurt, oats, cinnamon bun protein powder, cinnamon, milk, an egg, baking powder, and a little whole wheat flour.


I am going to recreate these soon and measure everything out so I can share the recipe. I am going to try to leave the whole wheat flour out and maybe just use a little more oats. The end result was a filling and delicious pancake. I’m not going to lie, a big plate of chocolate chip pancakes would have been better, but these were a good alternative.

For breakfast this morning I popped some of the left over pancakes in the microwave and paired them with an apple, carrot, and celery juice.


I was craving some fresh juice, so I had to work with what produce I had on hand. Obviously, it was slim pickings around here!

As for the rest of the day, it’s a normal Monday around here. Getting some things done for school before classes tomorrow!


Fitness Friday

21 Jun

Another week has flown by. Late yesterday afternoon I made the last minute decision to drive home to Ocala. I was planning on making my way back today, but figured why wait? I’ll be starting an internship on Monday that will last the remainder of the summer, so I’ll be staying here instead of traveling back and forth to Gainesville. 

This morning began with walking Chipper and then having the best cup of coffee ever. Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup flavor, need I say more? For breakfast I topped some greek yogurt with berries and Kashi cereal. 



After breakfast my mom and I headed to a farmer’s market so I could get some fresh produce for juices. Getting a workout in was next on my list. I headed outside to add another workout to my week while enjoying this beautiful (but extremely hot) first day of summer. My workouts this week looked like:

  • Monday: 1.6mi run outside
  • Tuesday: 10 min warm-up on treadmill + Back + Abs + 10 min of Stairmill
  • Wednesday: 10 min warm-up on treadmill + Chest + Arms + 15 min sprints
  • Thursday: 1.5mi run + Legs + Abs
  • Friday: 7mi bike ride + 10 min jump rope

After my bike ride today I decided to give the jump rope a whirl. This was must first time seriously jumping rope probably since elementary school. I jumped for 30s then took a 10s break and repeated for about 10 minutes. 



I was literally dripping sweat after the bike/ jump rope combo! I am definitely thinking I’ll be adding some jump rope into more of my workouts. It’s a great way to get your heart rate up!

I hope everyone is enjoying the first day of summer!

Lap Dog Problems

11 Jun

I’ve busted out my juicer for breakfast this week. Yesterday and today’s juices were a combination of apple, carrot, ginger, beat, lemon, grapefruit, and spinach. Delicious! Most juices taste better than they look, especially when spinach is involved. 



After breakfast I sat down to work on some homework. My class is quickly coming to an end so I’m trying to finish up a couple assignments due over the next week. While I was working the fire marshall started testing the fire alarms in my building. They warned us of this beforehand, but I didn’t realize how big of a production it would be. Every few minutes for the span of thirty minutes a fire alarm would ring out. Not a very conducive environment for school work, especially when this guy decided to climb into my lap. 



Please meet my 60lb lap dog, Chipper. He nudged his way up to my lap and then remained there for the next 20 minutes. The things I let this little man get away with. Needless to say, I didn’t get much more work done with my visitor. 

The rest of the day was much more low key for us. I headed to the gym after Chipper calmed down and completed my sweaty circuit workout. Afterwards, Chipper insisted I continue my workout by running around with him at the dog park. I’m sensing a dog-mom of the year award coming my way soon.

And now I have no shame admitting that I am currently watching Pretty Little Liars. I might be a little older than the target audience of the show, but I’m a fan. Who can resist some teenage drama? All I know is that if high school would have been like it is in Ravenwood, I never would have survived. 

Let the Week Begin

6 May

Happy Monday! Is that an oxymoron? For once, I think not. Today starts my week long real summer vacation. Since I am taking classes all summer long this is my one week break before summer classes begin. Yesterday I spent my day unpacking and doing laundry only to repack this morning before heading to Ocala. 



This guy was trying to help fold some clean clothes.

To start my week off right I made a delicious juice this morning. The juice almost made me feel like I was on a tropical island because of all the citrus flavors. 


Before hitting the road this afternoon I went to the gym to complete my Best Body Bootcamp workout. The workout today incorporated “pull” movements and I was feeling the burn. After lifting I completed a quick ab workout and then moved onto some cardio. I knew I wanted to take a break from running today since I ran yesterday, so I did 15 minutes of incline walking on the treadmill and then another 15 minutes on the stairmaster. After my whole workout I spent quite a bit of time stretching. 

Later in the afternoon I headed to Ocala. I plan to spend a couple of days here before going down to Orlando and then I’ll be heading out of town to visit some family.